PosyBee is a region created on The Great Canadian Grid in OpenSim. It is designed to be a public place where people who don’t have a home on the grid can set home for their avatar and have a place to land, open their boxes, change clothes, gather with friends and make new friends.

If you are a new resident and haven’t thought about buying land or renting a home yet and you just need a place to be then join the PosyBee group and then go to “world” on your upper menu bar of your viewer and choose “set home here”. Then anytime you need to teleport home you will go right to that spot on PosyBee.

If you are an old resident and you have given up your land and moved on to another grid but you still want to log in from time to time to visit with your friends or grab something out of your inventory then PosyBee is the place for you. Just join the group and set home and that can be your landing spot for whenever you come to visit.

If you are an alt and want to hide out and not frequent the places that your main avatar does then PosyBee is the place for you too.

Even if you own land or rent a home someplace you are still welcome anytime at PosyBee. There are plenty of places to hang out, visit, cuddle, dance and relax. There is even a lake region right next door with boat rezzers so you can take a boat out on the lake.


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