Spin, Lies and Stupidity

One of the hardest things to do in life is to listen to our own inner logic. We read things on social media or we watch opinion news shows or blogs and something in our brain thinks “A lot of people believe this so I should too”. We don’t even realize how stupid we are being. How weak we are being. It’s something I struggle with and I am on the wrong side of things sometimes and realize it later. And I am ashamed. I am an “independent” politically but for years I associated myself with the republicans. Now I am ashamed of that. But that’s for a whole other blog.

Yesterday a friend of mine did a good thing. He was in the middle of a battle and he took a step back and decided to put it behind for the good of his friends and his community and even for the good of his haters. Yet…. there are people who are flipping out because they don’t want to see the drama stop. So they pile on and try and bait him with saying he is doing this for any other reason. And one person even taking credit for it because she is sure he must have read her post (not only stupid but very egotistical). It’s a spin. And it’s not even a good spin. I can tell her right up front that he hasn’t read her comments and doesn’t even go to the page where she posted it. I wonder why people can’t look at it and just see that he is trying to do the right thing. Even his haters should see and give him credit for that. That’s not an easy thing for someone to do when they feel attacked (rightly or wrongly). For some reason it’s easier to believe that someone is evil than good. Why is that?

People, especially the small OpenSim community, just love to mud sling. The rumors I hear are insane but I have to stop and tell myself that they are just rumors. No facts presented.

I watch as a couple grid owners play games and manipulate and spin to make themselves look good. But these people are snakes. They can’t be trusted. And who are they? The thing about this is that you have to find out for yourself. If I tell you not to trust someone then you won’t believe me anyway. It won’t be until they shit on you that you will see it. But by then it will probably be too late.

I watched as one person (edit… NOT talking about Roddie for those who might want to assume and spin that) that I trusted with my very soul change when the business went to his head. I watched as he stopped defending his friends. That was mild compared to what he did behind the scenes to hurt other grids in his quest to get ahead. And I watched him laugh about it. I trusted this person so much that it was hard for me to see the change in him. I see it now. He’s a snake. it was an “ah ha” moment for me and I feel sick to my stomach that I trusted this person. I fell into a trap and I didn’t listen to my inner logic. But now I know to never trust him again. So it was a hard and heartbreaking process but it was something that I had to go through. Many of you have probably gone through the same stuff with your friends or other people you have trusted that have let you down.

Some people pull back and get back on track. They get their perspective and realize that they have to balance the technical  business with the human side of things. They realize that they have been hurting their friends and they want to stop doing it. I have seen that with the grid I am on now. The reason I am back in GCG is because of that change that I believe to be really sincere. But some grid owners just never found their balance. They have given up their friends and fun because it became all business to them. But I have seen both faces of these two faced people. Sometimes I just want to scream at them “Your other face is showing!”. But you know… it must be stressful for them to keep that face hidden. So I should just feel sorry for them.

With my Borderline Personality Disorder it’s hard for me to read things and not react. I see that many other people have that same issue, although they may not have BPD. This isn’t an excuse. I really need to learn to not be impulsive and reactive. And believe me, I work on it daily. I am just as guilty as anyone else of mud slinging. I get in defensive mode when it comes to my friends (or enemies even) being treated unjustly. And I am just as guilty as anyone else for not listening to my inner logic at times.

Life is a struggle. Virtual life is a struggle. Why do we make it harder by making up spin or believing other people’s spin? Why do we choose to accept that someone is evil rather than accepting that they are good? What compels us to get caught up in the mob mentality? I know for some it’s that they want to be accepted. They figure if they go along with the group that they will fit in. That’s something that I rarely do. I tend to like to stand outside of the circle and scream because I know I don’t fit in and so why try?

Whenever I read something now I think “How is this being spun?” I have to look at the author and try and figure out the motive. What their bias is. What their game is. And what the facts actually are. It makes my head hurt. I wish that I had he willpower to stay away from it all totally. Just not read any of it. Just not care. I wouldn’t fall into the trap of believing the spin, lies and stupidity if i just didn’t read it.

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  1. Sunbeam Magic

    April 21, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    This sounds so soul searching and heartfelt! Best of luck finding your balance! ♥

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